Popular Games in Online Casinos

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Online casinos are one of the top sources for entertainment within the modern world. People are able to gamble at home and on their smartphones as well as at live casinos. However, if you’re trying to learn a new skill, or perhaps even build your confidence in gambling, you may be wondering what games are popular in online casinos. From simple situs judi slot online to interactive table games, there is a wide range of games here for you to choose from.

Most Popular Online Slots

There are always new slots being introduced to online casinos, but the classic games tend to stay popular for years and years. Slots remain the most popular games in most online casinos, and there are a few that have become household names. The most popular slots include:

Star Wars

This game first appeared in 2003, and is still being played by men and women from around the world. This game is a simple 3 reel and 15 pay line slot machine. There are a few special features that come with this game, one of which is the Star Wars logo appearing on each reel.

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Jokers Wild

This slot was created in 2006 by IGT, and was very popular when it was first distributed. The features in this game are very similar to Star Wars, as you’re won more coins when you get three or more of the same symbol on any reel. However, there are no special bonuses that come with this game like with Star Wars.

Triple Diamonds

This slot was created in 2007 by IGT, and was very popular when it was first distributed. There are symbols that appear more often than others, which gives the game a chance to increase its popularity over time. In this slot you’ll have to remember the number three, as this is displayed on the three middle reels of the game. There’s also a special feature in this slot with the appearance of three symbols at once. This is similar to what you would see in a regular slot machine, but instead you’re randomly chosen to win a progressive jackpot for every three symbol combination that appears during play.

Wolf Run

This slot was created in 2008 by IGT, and was very popular when it was first distributed. This game is a 5 reel and 243 ways to win judi slot. However, there are special features that won’t show up as often as in other slots. The symbols include wolves, from which the game takes its name from, and wilds that can substitute for any symbol on the reels of the game. These are just a few of the most popular online slots games that you can play today.